Lucien Rigging and Skinning part Two

Here is the update on Lucien!

I'm still doing the skinning part, still a lot of work to do!!! :)

no blendshape for now, just joints with DrievnKeys

on the video you can see the skinning of the hand, the ribbons and how it works, the shoulder and the hip.


Iuri Ara├║jo said...

Hi Mathias!
I liked this video of lucien.
Very good the deformers to the arms and legs.I'm downloading the budy rig now and i'll test it in maya. xD

Mathias AUBRY said...

Thanks iuri for your comment!

I will appreciate some feedback on budy, a lot of ppl downlaoad it but I never saw an animation with it so I think there are some bugs that stopped them so if you see some big problem using it, tell me... I kind of rush to finish budy and I didn't really animate it to try cuz I want to finish lucien asap!

Thanks again.