LUCIEN Hand 01

This weekend I work on the hands, still a lot of work to do on it...


LUCIEN body 03

An update of the body! What else to say...


LUCIEN body 02

So I will put in the first version (I'm not sure if I will have the courage to do more version!) two haircuts, and the mustache, there will alse be the possibility to hide them, so here a little animated gif to show the different possibility and how it change the character!

Babiroussa told me that it would be better to make him a little bit bigger around the hips, so here it is and I think it looks good!


LUCIEN Body 01

here is the beginning of the body, just the proportion and several detail to give a preview.

their will be an attibute to control the visibility of the mustache and the hair!


LUCIEN First Dialogue

Not a preview anymore! I smoothed the moves a bit more and improve the end which is the most difficult part, especially with just the head. Sorry for the sound at the end, and I was not able to fix it with the softwares I use.

Hope you enjoy!

Here some preview!
The manipulators in action!

Lucien First Dialogue - Manipulator from Mathias Aubry and Vimeo.

The Manipulator and the mesh smoothed!

Lucien First Dialogue - Playblast from Mathias Aubry and Vimeo.

What is usually hidden when I'm animating! a big mess!

Lucien First Dialogue - setup from Mathias Aubry and Vimeo.


LUCIEN First Dialogue (preview)

there is a long time I didn't post, almost a month! I was busy with a lot's of thing and also I was working on Lucien to fix small things and on this animation that took a really long time. It's not finished yet that's why I will post it only on the blog. I need to work on the end and to smooth it a bit after.

the dialogue is taken form a hilarious french movie that I recommend if you didn't see it. Le diner de cons.

So here it is!