Lucien is back but.... naked!!!

So I forced myself to work again on Lucien but I changed a bit the way I was going to do it.
As you can see on the following pic, his body changed completly. I thought it will be easier to start him kind of naked and then with time add clothes than the opposite. But asd you can see, he is not forgotten!

By the way, On CGtalk a guy just post an amazing video of his rigs... just amazing, even depressing! lol, he is so good!
here is the link of his Website. Victor Vinyals

Animation Jump. Balls with different Weight

The animation of the day,
the first ball with texture... why is it important for the animation?
Well, by adding a texture on the ball, I had also to animate the rotation. there was no rotation of the ball with the preceding animations but because there was no detail on the ball, your couldn't see that, your brain thought it was rotating but now with the texture, I have to do it manually, Can't let your brain go it anymore... gosh!!!

Also you will see that the second ball has an other weight and you can feel it by its bounces and how it reacts to the environement... It's just animation! I'm crazy about this effects!


Here is the same animation without the rotation!


Animation Jump ball 02

So here I am back to the jump.
This one is faster which works much better!

I'm starting to be a bit bored/annoyed with bouncing ball but I will force myself to still work on that to really feel good about it!
I will add a second ball with a bigger weight. After that I will work on animating ball with character (Living Ball). And also I need to go back on Lucien! I need more than 24 hours!

Without Wall

With the Wall


Weight in Animation

Here is another exercise with simple objects.
What I love in this exercise is that it really shows that the animation is giving so much information to the eyes. For exemple, this 2 videos have exactly the same component and the same animation until frame 18 but after that frame the animation is completly different giving different weights to the different objects!


Bouncing Ball 02

Here is a new try with the bouncing ball. For now I definitly prefer that one!
This is a ball without any character, just try to look kind of realistic.


Bouncing Ball

So to start again this new season I will work again on the bouncing ball. I notice that there is a lot of thing off in this animation, I opened it again but I was not able to solve it so I did some search. I hope this will help me!

On this website I find a chart that show the bounciness of different type of ball.

Also on this next link you can find a lot of really good video slow motion.


Tennis Ball raquet bounce
Tennis Ball shot
Newton's amplifier
Newton's amplifier explenation

I will start again soon to work on Lucien, just need the energy, courage and time, LOL!