Lucien's Hands and legs Skinning

here is video to show the work done on Lucien. A lot of skinning for the body is done at this point, I need to work a bit more on the thumb, the spine, the neck and check everywhere to be sure I didn't miss any parts!

Then the body will be done and I will start to work on the face.

The last part will be to create the manipulators, for now they are temporary for the skinning part. With the creation of the manipulators, I will add some features like Ik/Fk switch and stretch and so on... so keep in touch!



Lucien Rigging and Skinning - Hips and Bum!!!

So I've just worked on the bum/hips, one of the most difficult part untill now! But it doesn't look too bad!

Next step, legs and knee. to make them better!


Lucien Rigging and Skinning part Two

Here is the update on Lucien!

I'm still doing the skinning part, still a lot of work to do!!! :)

no blendshape for now, just joints with DrievnKeys

on the video you can see the skinning of the hand, the ribbons and how it works, the shoulder and the hip.