Lucien Rigging and Skinning - Hips and Bum!!!

So I've just worked on the bum/hips, one of the most difficult part untill now! But it doesn't look too bad!

Next step, legs and knee. to make them better!


Carl said...

Hi. I'm an animation student. I'm not big on 3d but I had some questions and was wondering if there was a way to reach you?

Mathias AUBRY said...

Hi Carl,
You can contact me through www.animationlounge.com, I'm one of the admin there and you can post any kind of questions related to animation there.
If you don't want your questions to be public, you can send me a personnal message on animationlounge.
For both of these, you need to register on the forum, it's free and takes only 2 minutes.
If you really want an email, reply here and I will give it to you.