Challenge #7 CGtalk - 05

New update. Worked on some poses.


Challenge #7 CGtalk - 04

here a new update that change a lot, still a blocking pass... I hope one day I will be able to use the curve LOL. Anyway, so, I did the start again because I had lot's of comment saying that its dancing's step were weird and... I think I agree, I also look at some video and a bullet doesn't have the power to push you that much, so I tried something else.

Feel free to Comment or Critic.


Challenge #7 CGtalk - 03

Still a rough blocking but I added more to make it more cartoon and less serious.

C&C if you feel like it.


Challenge #7 CGtalk - 02

Here is a little update, adding some inbetwenn


Challenge #7 CGtalk - 01

First rough blocking

An animation of a guy who is being shot...
I hope I would be able to add stuff before and after but first I want to focus on this action to be able to post something not to bad at the end of the challenge.

Here is a start, a rought blocking step.

At the end, the render shold look like that

C&C are welcome