LUCIEN Rigging 09 Rigging Mouth

Here is some pose test during the skinning.

I like it but there is still a lot to do... Also I think I will change a bit the methode I used for the corner af the mouth.


LUCIEN Rigging 08 Rigging Eyes

Here is the first test for the rigging of the Eyelid.
Used of 16 joints by Eyes.
I'm for know satisfied by the results and the possibility of this methode.
Methode that Keith Lango explain in a tutorial in his blog.


It was a bit challenging to do a mirroir skin Weight in Maya 8.5 but by Using the labels of the joints it work really properly. So by being careful and organized while creating the joints, We can gain time latter.

Next step the mouth.


LUCIEN Rigging 07 Modeling

A little test to cut my mesh to have enough vertex aroud the eyebrow to give him a upset look.
Next step will be the mouth I think, which I'm a bit worry... Go Math, Go! You can do it! (yes I try to encourage myself! LOL no, I'm not crazy!!!)

And also I've done the teeth.
I tried to find a balance between not to simple but still toon.


LUCIEN Rigging 06 Modeling

After several comments, I picked the version number 2.

Now I'm working on the throat. I made a rough skin on the tongue and the face to open the mouth just to see how it will look like!

Here is the picture!

Also, To show Why I want a face more adult but kind of neutral here is a little slideshow to show that by adding just few more details it can change it really quicly... well I'm not sure about the girl but will see...


LUCIEN Rigging 05 Modeling

I received several comments on the fact that the previous version was better, so Ièm going back to the first one.

here is some tests to make it look older but still cartoon and 'cute'.

I'm waiting for some feedback to kow which one is the best. Will I come back to the first Version?


LUCIEN Rigging 04 Modeling

More I looked at it and more I find that it looks too young. So here, before to go further, I tried to change the proportion and the face to make it looks more adult.


LUCIEN Rigging 03 Modeling

The entire head...

Next step, the inside of the mouth. and some modification of the mesh if needed!

Et Voila!!!


LUCIEN Rigging 02 Modeling

Here is a new update!
I made the ears, which by the way I think is the more difficult and frustrating thing to do in 3D. But for this one I'm kind of glad to see how it looks like!

I'm just a bit afraid that he looks like Dopey... Are the ears to big??

Anyway, as you can see I need to cover some holes in the back of his head, then I will clean the mesh and I will post it on some forums.


LUCIEN Rigging 01 Modeling

Here is another Project I'm working on and this one might last for a long time.
My goal, create a Rig for my own use from the begining to the End.

I will call it LUCIEN

Here is the head under construction. I'm trying to find a neutral but cool design. I tried to have a pixar's look for the eyes.

Challenge #7 CGtalk - 06

Sadly I wasn't able to finish it! But that's ok, I learned a lot about key so next time I'm sure I will do better. (when I went from the blocking pass to the spline it was kind of awfull! lol, a newby mistake!)
So what did I learn?

-Spending more time on preparation! drawing and thinking of important position but also thinking of overlapping moves. ( Keith lango Tutorials).

-Switching between stepped tangent and linear tangent more often and from the begining.

-Using some maya script to copy and paste keys, curve and movement.