Final Render - 11SecondClub - October

Here is the final render that I will post soon for my entry for 11SecondClub October.

It's not perfect and far from it. But I'm happy with it for few reasons and the main one is that I finished it!!! LOL

11SecondClub October - FinalRender from Mathias Aubry on Vimeo.


Smoothed 02 - 11SecondClub - October

Here is a preview of the animation close to the end, I think I will try to smooth just a bit more 2 or 3 moves and that will be done! not perfect but at least finished! :P

11SecondClub October - Smoothed 02 from Mathias Aubry on Vimeo

There is few think that I don't like but too late too change it!

Note for me to work on next animation:

- find more poses for fingers/hands.
- Not to be too afraid of static pose!


Smoothed 01 - 11SecondClub - October

here is the animation with the key smoothed and not anymore stepped (blocking) but I didn't work on them yet.
still some work to do... hope I will have time to finish!
I'm also still working on the end, I don't like the move during the "things will change for me!" So I will try to improve that!

11SecondClub October - Curves from Mathias Aubry on Vimeo.


Blocking Pass 02 - 11SecondClub - October

I changed some poses following pieces of advice that some posted on the forums (11secondClub forum and 3dStation) And I think it's better now... still need some work!

11SecondClub October blocking pass 02 from Mathias Aubry on Vimeo


Blocking Pass 01 - 11SecondClub - October

here is my blocking pass for the October's contest.

I still need to work more on the lypsync and face emotion.

11SecondClub October blocking pass from Mathias Aubry on Vimeo.


I'm still alive!!!

More than a month without posting!!! So sorry, just really busy with some stuff! I'm also helping a friend with his website, a bit a flash scripting, which is a lot similar to maya! And also lately when I have a bit of spare time I started to animate a character for the competition of the 11 second Club For October. I'm still working on my blocking pass and hope that I will be able to post it soon!

So stay tunned!