LUCIEN rigging 13 Rigging Mouth

Ok, so Just a post to show that this project is still in progress!
I had to review the mouth again, there was some shape that I didn't like, so I changed the position of some joints, duplicate and simplified the nurb patch mouth to have a better control on the joint inBetween. Then I had to reskin everything. I also added a joint close to the corner of the mouth to have some relax in that area.

And here a screen of the paint skin weight tools! Scary!


LUCIEN rigging 12 Rigging Control

As you can see with the next picture, I worked more on the Eyebrow. I even had to review a bit the mesh!

But With all this joints and Locators, it began to be really challenging to animate it to control the skin weight. So I also started to create the controls which take so much Time!!!


LUCIEN rigging 11 Rigging Eyebrow

It's not done yet but I'm working on the Eyebrow.
Again a setup without blendshape... Do I hate blendshape? mmmh I think they are heavy (a complete other mesh) and used too often. But I start to think that I'm trying to avoid them to much... well for now it's working. Maybe at the end I will add some of them.

So about the system, joint moving on a surface with locator and nodes PointOnSurfaceInfo. I love that Node! lol


LUCIEN rigging 10 Rigging Mouth

It's done, I change the location of the mouthNurb patch to be at the base of the joint instead of the end of them. It works much better. Also I added some joints that follow the action but do not rotate and that really usefull for inside and around the mouth.

Here is the video test.

It's really close to what I was looking for!

here is a screen of the methode I used.