The return!

Every good things come to an end so here we are back in Montreal after some amazing moment spent in France. If you never went in the Provence and you have a possibility to do so, don't miss it, for me it's the most beautiful place in the world that I have seen so far!
But now I will focus on the new season, and go back to work onLucien and other animations.



3 Weeks vacations!!! wouhouuuuu!!!

I'm gonna go in France, visiting my family and showing Kaleigh, my wife how beautiful the south of France is. So I won't be posting during that time, but I will be ready and relaxed for September!


Animation Bouncing ball 01

a little break from Lucien. A first pass of an animation of a ball, I'm not quite satisfied with the last small bounces and I need also to add some squash and stretch... but it's a beginning!

Animation Ball Bounce from Mathias Aubry and Vimeo.

LUCIEN Hand 02

Up, working on the hands!