Challenge #7 CGtalk - 05

New update. Worked on some poses.


Babiroussa said...

Je viens voir à la source , vu que l'échéance se rapproche et qu'il n'y a pas beacoups d'Up sur la station ...

ça avance bien, je suis impatient de voir le final sonorisé et tout ...

Keep going ;-)

gledwood said...

PLEASE help me I am desperate.

I want to be able to embed Youtube videos like you've done on my blog.

I even opened a special "video blog" to do this. But you can read my problems on my normal one.

What did you do while signing on with youtube to get to be able to post up screens like this one? Did you have to give your blogger ID and password?

Sorry to barrage you with these questions when you don't even know me... I found you by accident btw, clicking next blog and up you popped! You should drop by mine: it's at gledwood2.blogspot and you're welcome to come peruse and see if you like it. I'll see you there maybe. All the best to you.